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  1. Ilene

    Hi Georgie,
    I bought a copy of your book at the Word on the Street and I liked it alot. I was telling you about my experience having kids in my 40s and my decision to forgo the amnio with my second because I wasn’t willing to risk a miscarriage. Anyhow, I want to suggest your book for my book club next month but I noticed that it is not yet available at the Toronto Public Library. Do you know when that would be?
    Alternatively, would you be able to give us a discount price for e.g. 10 books.
    Maybe you would want to come to our book club? It would be at my house in the Annex.

    1. Georgie Binks Post author

      Thanks so much for your email and sorry it took me four years to reply. I am overwhelmed with spam. Hope you are well and that she liked the book…cheers Georgie

  2. Debi Eatherley

    I will check back often to see what you are up to. I think having your own website is great. I want to give it a try someday. I’m not a professional writer like you, but it is so satisfying to see one’s own thoughts in print, isn’t it? We need to have a summer’s evening on a patio some time soon.


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